Where to find Miso Paste

You Can Find Miso in Regular Grocery Stores

Cost really depends of the quality of ingredients, packaging, and store in which the miso is sold. Quick miso is the most inexpensive due to its high water content used in large-scale production. In Japan, the most inexpensive miso is usually sold in polyethylene packaging at their neighborhood grocery store. Of course, the price of the other ingredients can affect overall cost. For instance, the cost of rice is usually less than the cost of barley, which is less than the cost of soybeans. Depending on where you live in the US, you can often find some types of miso at traditional grocery stores that have large ethnic sections. In cities with larger Asian populations finding miso is easier. In more rural areas Miso may only appear at the healthier grocery stores, or in some cases may not be in any local stores.

Health Food Stores and Coops

Before investing in large quantities of standard miso, purchase a variety in smaller amounts in order to become familiar with each flavor and color. People who prefer natural foods can find natural miso at prices similar to quick varieties. However, the most expensive are produced naturally by independent farmers and sold in large barrels to ovoid the use of additives and preservatives. Health food stores will often highlight the health and medicinal value of miso including assisting digestion, its supply of protein and vitamin B12, and the more unusual preventing of radiation sickness and effects of smoking and air pollution.

Whole Foods Stores

Similar to health food stores and coops, Whole Food Market carries the most diverse variety of miso products, both in paste and freeze-dried forms, and from sources as far as Japan itself. Some Whole Food Markets have their very own in-house chef and nutritional adviser to help with ways to prepare and store miso.

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